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[ Kitchen Magistra ]

Magistra’s kitchen is imbued with a modern and metropolitan touch, the kitchen is timeless and designed for elegance that lasts through time. A combination of memory of the past period, but it can be placed in different environments. It is an extremely pleasant kitchen for users, with strong material prints and layouts of heterogeneous materials such as stainless steel plates, silver decorated frames, white ash, clay, titanium, green finishes, handles or concave c-channels, even the kitchen door so made of durable solid wood – oak and ash, which provides the user with quality durability and long life of the kitchen. We offer free drawing of the kitchen in 3D. You can further check the drawing of the kitchen by measuring it in your home. Aran offers both modern and classic kitchens of different style periods to suit your style. It’s an extremely friendly kitchen for the users, with a strong material footprint.

Interesting materials such as Door, Silver twist molding insert, Oficina insert, Finishes and colors and more are available.

~ Check complete catalogue: Aran Cucine Magistra   ~ The manufacturer’s website: Aran World

Materials DoorSilver twist molding insertOficina insertFinishes and colours, for which they are available in colors: