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[ Kitchen worktops ]

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Worktops: Kitchen manufacturer ARAN require the same performance at the end-user presentation of the best materials worktops, which can provide durable use and withstand aggressive cleaning on long-term use, so in addition to traditional job boards, they have to offer, the user can receive worktops, when, for example:

Worktop: Kerrock

Duopoint Corian “Kerrock” is a superior material maximum elegance, as it is the only one that offers seamless connection panel. This means that you installers contractors for setting up kitchen worktop arranged so that it becomes truly the invisible seamless povezevami, in a single piece, which is cool to the touch when other materials from the rock. Due to the exceptional thickness of 12mm, providing a lifetime durability, allows multiple-polishing the restoration and re-implementation of the new kitchen over time. Nautical Industry (yachts, cruisers, etc.) To utilize these workspaces for the prestigious performance of their products. Due to the bacteriological integrity of the said materials are also used for medical purposes, which is in the kitchen important information. You can choose between 92 different colors from the RAL, any other color Kerrock can develop in a very short time (within two weeks). Find out more about this unique opportunity, you can also have you in our showrooms EQUIPMENT CENTER or through the website of the manufacturer of materials: Kerrock

Worktop: Okite

OKITE® specially treated engineer composite material, which was created by the perfect combination of three elements: Quarzo / quartz, which is its primary ingredient (93%), which are added to the oxide colorant and a resin as a binder. All ingredients are of natural origin.

Quarzo or quartz is the fourth hardest mineral in the world (since it is harder only diamond, sapphire and topaz), thus maintaining the strength and resilience. Okite is also harder than marble and granite. It is almost non-porous. The closest by the porosity with the granite, which has at least 5-fold more porous. It is available in a wide range of color shades, it is also smooth and cold to the touch.

Okite is very durable and therefore easy to clean and maintain. It is highly resistant to impact, cutting and scratching, so you do not need to be polished. It is because of these properties, Okite is suitable for producing all types of workspaces. You can choose from more than 51 different colors. More information on the manufacturer’s website: Okite