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[ Eco ]

[ Reducing the impact on our planet ]

[ Certificate FSC ]

As a business ARAN Cucine is committed to environmentally conscious operations, and to creating new products that minimise the impact on the environment’s natural resources. The company is focused on its commitment to the environment and the protection of social and ethical values of the forests with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. Besides improving its own business management and contributing to the protection of the environment, the company has adopted a more responsible behaviour and has concretely helped in a rational use of the wealth of the world.

FSC is a guarantee to customers that producers of products bearing such certificate:

  • Support environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically managed forests.
  • Support the use of domicile of tree species.
  • Conserve biodiversity, forest reproductive performance and ecological processes within them.
  • They help local and wider society to reap long-term benefits from the conservation of forest resources taking into account the long-term, sustainable forest management planning.
  • Support sustainable forest management, which provides enough income that is not at the expense of forest resources, the ecosystem or affected local communities.

[ Certificate ISO 14001 ]

A long time ago Aran World started to work towards the implementation of an environmental management system based on the international ISO 14001 regulation, reflecting its long-established belief in the need to protect the environment. In fact, the ISO 14001 regulation is the means to manage all activities which have an impact on the environment. Following the ISO 14001 regulation rules, Aran World assures a constant improvement on the environmental protection, handling natural resources, waste materials, atmospheric emissions and in particular energy resources. The ISO 14001 is certified by Quality Austria.

[ Renewable energies ]

Aran World is more and more committed to respect and to preserve the environment with the project of covering most of its production area with photovoltaic panels that produce green energy, with the purpose to be all-sufficient from an energy point of view. We built four power plants that produce electric energy from photovoltaic conversion for a total maximum output power of 2,17 MW. The photovoltaic conversion consists in the direct transformation of solar energy (radiant energy) to electric energy through devices in a solid state (photovoltaic cells) based upon semiconductor materials (photovoltaic effect).