The best selling Italian kitchen in the world • La cucina italiana più acquistata nel mondo

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[ Garancija ]

[ Quality for which we stand ]

The same superior quality, award winning design, service and affordability that has made ARAN Cucine the largest selling Italian kitchen manufacturer worldwide is available to you. Therefore ARAN Cucine leading quality guarantee to 8 years.


[ The small things make a big difference ]

What makes an ARAN kitchen special is what goes on behind the scenes. At ARAN we are passionate about solutions that embrace life and design. The finest designers from around the world are given the freedom to create masterpieces that celebrate the art of the kitchen. Selection of timbers, bench tops, handles, hinges, finishes and fittings are all painstakingly matched for the best look, feel, touch and durability. Once this process is complete, every selected design is the rigorously tested so you know when you buy an ARAN kitchen, it’s for life.

[Far ahead of the competition]

ARAN World as global manufacturer has practically no competition in terms of:

  1. Details – where on the basis of a directive renowned architects selected different materials of the door, handle, real metal, porcelain, vitrage, facings, moldings cuisines and unique elements of a specified period; all of which is done as a whole, so the kitchen gets a real feeling that he bought the technology and the details of the most prestigious kitchens.
  2. Merge attachment – concrete construction of kitchen and additional reinforcement kitchen fittings, swivels, systems brezprofilnih handles, semi-circular elements “convex and concave shape”, stained glass windows made from real glass partition, the real porcelain handles, solid wood carved accessories, choice of real wood kitchen solid timber (such as cherry, walnut, chestnut, oak, ash, beech, etc.), a unique shading and opening to the kitchen with the effects of aging.
  3. Ecology materials and health faultless materials and design: the base of different heights 10, 12, 15 and 18 cm – never chipboard, because of the possibility of moisture / wetness in cleaning and broadcasting controversial smell of mold (which is harmful for bronchitis small children and asthma in older people ). This includes preventing materials labeled “ARAN Water Resistant”.
  4. Processing elements – means that 100% of every piece of furniture or component treated in its entirety, which means that no part of the massifs iveral or Mediapan not remain “hidden” and rough. Such execution of furniture manufacturing, as used by the ARAN uses less than 10% of producers.
  5. Aran World is in every detail cuisine for several years before the highest quality competition, and at least a decade before the usual furniture manufacturers. Slogan Aran World’s insuperable Lifetime kitchen in your home.