The best selling Italian kitchen in the world • La cucina italiana più acquistata nel mondo

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[ About us ]

[ International leading brand in the design and manufacture ]

Specialized kitchen salons OPREMA CENTER at three locations in Slovenia. We represent the world’s manufacturer of kitchens ARAN World S.r.l. Kitchens are sold at factory price list, there is no fake discount. Before you order a kitchen we visit a client at her home to measure the space. With this we guarantee that characteristics of the measured area matching with ordered kitchen.Waiting periods are from 30 to a maximum 60 days.

Manufacturer ARAN World S.r.l. is the biggest exporter of kitchens to Asian, African and American market, the largest customers are companies owned by Donald Tump. Annual number of produced custom-made kitchens is 60,000 which means that they daily produce 250 kitchens for each subscriber.

[ Luxury that you can afford ]

All materials are environmentally friendly and harmless to health – without formaldehyde. All elements are made of waterproof materials, just as the worktops. Mechanisms and bus are the greatest quality – manufactured by Blum, all fittings are of the system clip-fastening element on the door without screws and tools.

Visit the manufacturer’s website: Aran World S.r.l.

[ Company Concept ]

The kitchen is the most important place in the house, crossroads of meetings and interactions, theater of anecdotes and pleasant memories, confluence of spirit and matter. The centre of the house might be cozy, alive, functional and pleasant at sight. This is what motivates us to create innovative and elegant solutions matching with your needs.

[ Brand values ]

  • Family: Sharing and the sense of belonging are our polar stars
  • Emphaty: We like to identify ourselves with our customers and their wishes.
  • Honesty, transparency and authenticity: For us it is essential to build strong relationships based on reliability and respect
  • Sustainability: We are aware of the great responsibility we have in the social, ecological and economic. Reason why we pay attention to present for a sustainable future.
  • Creative energy: Constant and continuous innovation, the result of careful research and development.